Looking Back & Looking Forward at Our Oldest School

Welcome to the village of N’Tentou, where Jackie Trujillo Middle School was opened in 2006. This school was Mali Rising Foundation’s very first school, so its construction was ground-breaking – both literally and figuratively.  This summer we've been doing some improvements at the school, and looking back at the history of the school and the village.

Great People, Great Food, Great Cause: Celebrate at Soiree 2017

By Merritt Frey, Executive Director

Join us for a night of celebration, fun, and fundraising this October 12th in Salt Lake City! We promise this isn't your grandmother's stuffy gala, but rather a night of connecting with great people and a great cause.

LUX Catering is providing a gorgeous West African buffet and an open bar, which includes the semi-famous Mali Rising Cocktail. There will be chances to learn about Mali's culture and  to connect with our students through an easy service project. There will be Mali music, and an Auction for Action that allows you to support key work in our schools in the coming school year.

All this will go down at Salt Lake City's beautiful Red Butte Garden in the Orangerie. The Soiree lasts from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm on Thursday, October 12, so we'll get you home in time to get to work the next day.

If you've always wanted to learn a little more about Mali or the work of the Mali Rising Foundation, this is the night to do it!

Drum Roll Please: 2018 Essay Contest Theme!

We at Mali Rising want to encourage young people in the United States to think critically yet compassionately about international development issues. The Make the Case for Caring Essay Contest is an annual forum for thoughtful high school thinkers to share their analysis on a different international development topic each year. Today we announce the contest theme for 2018...

Book Review: The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu

Since joining Mali Rising's staff, I've tried to read as many books written by Malians and/or about Mali as I can. Frankly, one doesn't find scads of them here in the U.S.  But I'd been hearing about The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu for a while, and was excited to see a pretty main-stream book that was set in Mali getting some attention.

Partnering With Our Teachers To Improve Skills

Over the last several years, we've begun investing in our teachers. Why, you ask? Well, fundamentally teachers are what make a school a school...rather than a pole barn filled with screaming teenagers.  A more nuanced answer though is that we had seen how little training and support were offered to our teachers, and how isolated they were in our small villages. One way we are supporting our teachers is through an annual 5-day professional training. But how do we know if that training is actually helping our teachers and hence our students?

Our Girls Rock! Evaluating the First Year of Our Girls Project

During the 16/17 school year, we launched our pilot Girls Project in three of our partner villages: Beneko, Simidji, and Kolimba. Our pilot goals are: to improve recruitment of girls to middle school, to retain more girls in school throughout middle school, and to make sure the girls see real results in terms of school success and life skills. We are delighted to share some great news from the Project's first year...