My Favorite Day

I want to take you all back to my favorite day on my trip to Mali. It was halfway through the week and we stopped in a small village for a meeting. I felt completely out of place among a large circle of people where I was undoubtedly the youngest one there, not to mention only one of two females. I remember digging my sneakers into the red sand to pass the time and eye-balling a few Malian students playing just a few yards away- dying to go say hello. I jumped at my first chance to sneak away from the meeting and cautiously approached two girls that curiously observed from afar.

This Week in the Field: Teaching Teachers to Teach

This is a big week for our teachers in Mali. All this week, 36 of our teachers will attend a teacher training with professional experts. They'll spend 5 days learning the best teaching techniques, how to incorporate active learning into their classrooms, and how to manage their huge classes (sometimes as many as 100 students in a class!). For those of us here in the states, this might sound humdrum. But for teachers in Mali, it is a big deal....

News From Our Girls on International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day, but here at Mali Rising every day is girls' day. Why is that? Because we are very excited to be deeply engaged in the first year of our pilot Girls Project. Led by our intrepid Girls Project Coordinator, Hindaty, the Girls Project launched in autumn 2016 and is now going full steam ahead. Why is Hindaty's work so important?

You've Got One Month

March 31 at midnight. That’s when the door slams shut on our Make the Case for Caring Essay Contest. The contest asks high school students to make a compelling, short argument for why we should invest in educating children in a far-off country like Mali. Essays are arriving in our inbox daily. It is exciting to see the different angles students take to support their case...