Helping Teachers Grow, Helps Kids Grow Too

A school isn't worth the bricks it's built with if you don't have good teachers working inside. We believe that, and so do our generous supporters. Thanks to attendees at our annual Soiree, in December 2017 we hosted our third teacher training. Teachers in Mali are often provided with very little education and then sent to remote villages to sink or swim with classrooms that can be filled with 100 + students. With your help, we sent 39 teachers back to the classroom with new skills and new energy to help our kids!

Ready For Some Friday Fun? So Are We.

It's Friday afternoon here at Mali Rising's U.S. offices and we're feeling a little slap-happy. So, I thought I'd share a short video from our recent school expedition in Mali. Please feel free to laugh as I try to learn that most basic of skills for a Mali woman -- how to carry water on my head. A three-year-old child can do it. But can I?

Volunteer-Made Menstrual Kits Make a Difference in Mali

For the second year in a row, the hard work of a group of volunteers here in the U.S. is making a big difference for our girls in Mali. In our remote villages, girls often have no access to materials to manage their periods. This means they stay home from school for a week each month -- just imagine missing 25% of school! Girls fall behind in classes, and sometimes that leads to dropping out altogether. Luckily, there is a lot of work going on these days to find simple solutions for managing periods in places like our villages.

Celebrating A New School & A New Future

On November 14, we did one of the most amazing and most overwhelming things you can do -- we officially opened a new Mali Rising school.  The celebratory opening in the tiny village of Sebela was simply incredible, with hundreds of excited children, wonderful dancers, dozens of dignitaries, and much more.