Welcome Our New Inspiration Intern

By Brianne Johnson, Inspiration Intern

Brianne in Mali visiting with Mali Rising students and family.

Brianne in Mali visiting with Mali Rising students and family.

Brianne Johnson here! I’ll be Mali Rising’s Inspiration Intern for the 2017 spring semester and I wanted to introduce who I am, what I’ll be doing over the course of the next few months, and why I wanted to work with the Mali Rising Foundation. 

A little bit about me: I’m currently a junior at Utah State University majoring in Communications Studies with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. I consider myself an activist with an emphasis in women’s rights, environmentalism, and of course- education. You can catch me telling a story, listening to live music, or indulging in some killer pasta.

I’m thrilled to have adopted the title of Inspiration Intern for Mali Rising! My job is to inspire people to want to get involved - not only to give, but to learn more about Mali and our work, to be the change, and to make a difference. This is a brand new position that’s never been taken on before so what you’ll be seeing from me is the kick-start of several new projects. My hope is to forge relationships between U.S students and those in Mali through our Classroom Connections project, to facilitate our first ever Make the Case for Caring High School Essay Contest, and to share my thoughts and experiences through several blog posts. 

Why Mali Rising? I’ve had exposure to Mali Rising for several years. In 2013 I traveled to Mali and got a first-hand view of those our organization is serving and the incredible need for it in rural Mali. I truly believe that through the careful organization, planning, and allocation of our time and resources we can liberate our world, eradicate poverty, and engender equality through the power of education. 

I’m eager to share my work and experiences with you all. Keep an eye out for me on Mali Rising’s blog!