Ibrahim Is The Intern For The Job

by Merritt Frey, Executive Director

We're lucky to regularly benefit from the help of volunteer interns in both Mali and the U.S. Currently, Ibrahim Niang is one of our Mali-based interns.

Ibrahim's job description covers just about anything you can imagine. He does quite a bit of research, is our key photographer, and helps out with all kinds of tasks that come up in the office and on the road.

Ibrahim is original from Seqou,which is located northeast of the capitol city of Bamako. He comes from a large family, with 7 brothers and 2 sisters! Ibrahim moved to Bamako 22 years ago, and enjoys living there. His hobbies include walking and music. He speaks 2 languages -- French and Bambara.

If Ibrahim could change one thing about the world, he'd banish racial discrimination to allow the whole world to unify. If he could change one thing about Mali, he says he'd limit the number of presidential candidates in Mali's election because, "...with many candidates, it is then just political coalitions sharing the cakes."

Ibrahim is enjoying his internship and feels it will provide experiences to help him in his future career. "Mali Rising helps by training me," he says. And we can say that he'll bring a wonderful work ethic to any future career!