Mandie's Internship Changed Girls' Lives for the Better

Note: this post was written by one of our interns in Mali, Mandie. Mandie has since finished her internship and married one of our very dedicated volunteers, Djiba. Congratulations to both of them!

By Mandie , Mali Rising Intern

Mandie Doumbia spent her internship helping our Girls Project Coordinator, Hindaty, keep our girls in school and learning. Thank you Mandie!

Mandie Doumbia spent her internship helping our Girls Project Coordinator, Hindaty, keep our girls in school and learning. Thank you Mandie!

My name is Mandie and I am from Ouelessebougou, Mali in West Africa. Ouelessebougou is 70 miles from Bamako, the capital city of Mali. There are many ethnicities there such as Bambara and Peulhs. The main activity is commerce. I have been living in Kalaban Coro Plateau, Bamako for seven years with my family. I have one sister and she is twenty 22 years old.

During my leisure time, I watch TV and chat with my mother and friends on Facebook and other Social Media. My favorite food is salad with skewer.

I speak two languages: Bamanankan and French. I also went to middle school in Ouelessebougou and then attended high school and college in Bamako. I got a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and emphasis in Territory Development.

At University, I studied anthropogenic risk, natural risk, decentralization, and geographic information systems. After graduating from college, I heard of Mali Rising Foundation through Djiba (note : a friend and, as of late May, Mandie’s husband !) and later I started getting involved in its activities. 

Djiba has inspired and motivated me to become intern for Mali Rising Foundation. I have been helping the Girls Project Coordinator by taking pictures and other small tasks. My favorite thing is to assist the girls’ project Coordinator. I am not involved with any other activities outside of Mali Rising Foundation.
I wake at 5 :30 AM and pray. I take a shower, take my breakfast, and go to work. The days  I have my English class, I go home at 3 PM and the rest of the week I stay at work until 5PM. 

Every day, when I get home, I help my mother to do household tasks. After dinner, I talk to my friends on social media and chat with my family and go to bed.

My plan is to help my country’s development. In order to develop my country all of our kids need to go to school because education is the engine of the long term development, create jobs for young, and reduce the unemployment rate in our country.

Mali Rising is helping me achieve my goal because it is focused on education and especially girls’ education, which is very important. If you educate a woman, you educate a nation.
If I could change one thing in the world, it would be to beat poverty in Africa. Africa is suffering a lot from extreme poverty. If I could change one thing in Mali, it will be too improve my own community  and especially the education sector. I would like to reduce the rate of illiteracy in my country as well as the unemployment.