We are so glad you are part of 50 Women! You’ve joined 49 other amazing women to educate girls in Mali. This school year, you’re helping 182 girls in the tiny villages of Simidji, Beneko, and Kolimba learn and grow. Here at 50 Women Hub, you can learn more about the work you are supporting.

50 Women members are leaders in our Girls Project. While Mali has made strides in improving girls’ enrollment in primary school (primary school attendance for girls: 55 percent), there is a steep drop in secondary school attendance for girls (23 percent). Research shows enrollment numbers for girls are even worse in rural villages such as those where Mali Rising schools are located.

That's why we launched Mali Rising's Girls Project in fall 2016. This project has three aims:

  1. Recruit more girls to our schools,

  2. Retain those girls through their 9th grade graduation

  3. Make sure they girls show benefit from real results through education and life skill development.

The Girls Project Latest

More Ways to Be Involved

  1. Write a short note of encouragement to our girls in Mali. You can type and email your note or hand-write it and send it to us (scan & email to us or use the good, old-fashioned mail). The girls will appreciate the support & have a chance to practice their English.

  2. Submit a question to our fabulous Girls Project Coordinator, Hindaty via email. It can be about anything from how the Project works to what chores the girls have to do at home. In February we will have a video conference where your questions will be answered. (Date TBA)

  3. Meet one of our girls, Saleuata, in this short bio. You can meet many other girls (and boys) here.