While our main focus is on providing a middle school education, we know our students dream even bigger than 9th grade graduation. That's why we provide support for those bigger dreams. Mostly this takes the form of programming that helps our students see the value of continuing their education and scholarships that help truly outstanding students go on to high school or vocational training. We also connect students in the U.S. and students in Mali, fostering a curious and supportive connection.


Inspiration Scholars
Inspiration Scholars represent some of the most outstanding graduates of Mali Rising's schools. Our generous donors provide scholarships that allow these graduates to go on to high school or to a vocational program. The Scholars build a better lives for themselves and inspire other students to study hard in the hope of a scholarship.  Learn more about Inspiration Scholars.


Classroom Connections
Classroom Connections is designed to educate students in the U.S. about students and culture in Mali, provide meaningful service projects for U.S. students to build relationships with their peers in Mali, and create a feedback loop that encourages U.S. students to better understand their world and how they can play a helpful role in the world. Each school year we select up to 6 classrooms, scout troops, or other youth groups to partner with under Classroom Connections. Explore Classroom Connections and how to get involved.


Make the Case for Caring Essay Contest
We  want to encourage young people in the United States to think critically yet compassionately about international development issues. The Make the Case for Caring Essay Contest is an annual forum for thoughtful high school thinkers to share their analysis on a different international development topic each year. Learn more about the Make the Case for Caring Essay Contest.