Can You Build a School With Your Feet? Here's How...

This May, people around the U.S. will take a walk – forty miles worth of a walk – with Miles for Mali. With each step, they’ll help a child in Mali improve their life through the power of education. Miles for Mali is a new virtual walking challenge, which allows participants to walk whenever it is convenient throughout the month of May. Funds raised will build a new school for the kids of Sankama, Mali!

This Month in the Field: Teacher Peer Meetings

This month we hosted one of our favorite small gatherings -- a teacher peer-to-peer meeting. Mali Rising Foundation invests in our teachers because they are investing in our students. Without good teachers, a school is just a building. Our most recent peer-to-peer meeting included 8 teachers from three of our schools. Learn more about how it went and check out some pictures of our teachers in action...

Meet Our Newest Board Member!

We've been remiss in introducing Mali Rising's newest member of the board of directors -- Courtney Colter. Courtney joined our board last fall, and jumped right into the thick of things by filling her table at the annual Soiree with generous friends and family. Since then, she's been helping out by lending her expertise in finance to make sure we're running a tight ship. In fact, at our January board meeting Courtney was elected our board Treasurer.

Checking In On Our Girls In Mali

When I talk with anyone about our work, the project that people most connect with is our Girls Project. Men and women, people from the U.S. or people from Mali,  younger or older -- everyone gets excited about making sure girls get an equal education. So I try to be sure to do a periodic update on our girls progress under the Girls Project. I know  you're rooting for our girls, so here's the latest news from our Girls Project Coordinator, Hindaty.

First Inspiration Scholar Nursing Assistants Graduate!

We are so proud -- and we hope you're proud too.Thanks to Mali Rising's donors six of our first batch of Inspiration Scholars have just graduated from their nursing assistant/midwife program. These six nurses are now out in villages, ready to help their communities and Mali be healthier and happier.