On To The Next School...

One of the most exciting things we do at Mali Rising is build a new school in a new village. Seeing a school where before there was nothing but a weedy field is inspiring. Seeing kids walk into new classrooms where before they had no hope of an education is enough to make you cry. And talking with the parents about their pride in the village's new school and in their children's futures is truly life-changing.Here at Mali Rising, we've had this incredible experience 21 times now. And we're about to head into the 22nd beautiful journey.

One Stop Spot For Keeping Up With The Girls Project

As regular blog readers will know, we are very proud of our new Girls Project. In its very first year, the Project returned wonderful results for our girl students in Mali. As we launch the Project's second year, there's even more going on. And with so many of you particularly interested in supporting our girls, we created a new hub for tracking news about the Girls Project...

Come to Mali With Us...Via Social Media

For the first several weeks of November, the Mali Rising's U.S. staff will head to Mali to spend time with our Mali staff and students. We'll visit 18 schools, catch up with Inspiration Scholars, visit potential new partner villages, and more. Along the way we'll see some sights and have some fun. We wish you could all come a long for the journey. Luckily, via social media you can actually kind of be there...

Wow! Our Generous Supporters Made This A GREAT School Year!

Wow. Our supporters are amazing. Because of their generosity at the 2017 Soirée, we far exceeded our fundraising goal for the evening -- that means more books, better trained teachers, increased hygiene education, additional scholarships, and just plain more learning for our students. 

Auction for Action at Thursday's Soiree

We've all done it -- got carried away at a charity auction and come home with a strange trinket we can't fit anywhere in our house or a gift certificate for an adventure we can't imagine ever taking. We shrug and tell ourselves the funds went to a good cause. So why not just directly decide where those funds will go and spare yourself donating the dusty trinket to the thrift store two years later. That's the concept behind the Auction for Action at Mali Rising's Soiree this Thursday.

A Girl Scout Gives Back

Here at Mali Rising, we love Girl Scouts. Last year, we partnered with a troop based near our Utah office. We connected that troop with one of our Girls Groups at our school in Kolimba, Mali and the troop sent colorful, thoughtful letters of encouragement to the girls in Mali. At that troop meeting last year, we discussed various barriers to girls' education in Mali. One scout -- Skyler Dey -- took that discussion to heart. She decided to focus on a solution to one of those barriers -- a lack of supplies for managing girls' periods.

You Won't Be Able To Resist The Beat

We are gearing up here for our big Soiree on October 12. It is a chance to hear about the successes you've supported in the last year and what great things are coming in the next year.But this year that isn't all you'll hear! We are excited to have three drummers joining us to share the joy and beauty of West African drumming -- Deja Mitchell, Sekou Soumah, and Hakim Muhammed.

Get To Know Our Talented Field Director, Alou Doumbia

Mali Rising is lucky to have to very dedicated staff in Mali. In this blog post, we feature our Field Director, Alou Doumbia. Alou has worked for Mali Rising since January 6, 2013. As the Field Director, Alou is in charge of the Mali office, and is a true jack-of-all-trades. We’re lucky to have Alou keeping the great work going on the ground in Mali every day, and so we wanted to share a little background on his work with Mali Rising's supporters.

If The Way To Your Heart Is Through Your Stomach...

If the way to your heart is through your stomach, you will soon be in love with Mali Rising. Or at least you will be if you get your tickets to the 2017 Soiree. I'm just back from an amazing taste testing with the great folks at LUX Catering & Events. LUX is a Gold Sponsor of our upcoming Soiree celebration, and they have pulled out all the stops on a menu you're going to love.