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Ensuring Quality Education

A school is just a building unless kids are really learning. We partner with our schools' teachers, parents, and the children to make sure real learning is happening in our classrooms. To this end, we provide annual teacher training and peer group support, textbooks and other learning tools, health and hygiene training, and much more.

Overall Program Goal:
Strengthening our schools' educational efforts to deliver real results for Mali’s children’s futures. 

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Helping Girls Learn & Thrive
We believe girls can change the world or, in this case, Mali. Our new pilot program is applying proven strategies to recruit more girls, retain them in school, and help them get real results from their education. Learn more about the Girls Project.


Supporting Our Teachers
Without good teachers, a school is just a building. That's why we invest in professional teacher training, peer-to-peer support groups, and more for our teachers. Learn more about our teachers and our work together.


Providing Learning Materials
In many school in Mali there are simply no textbooks at all. Imagine learning algebra or chemistry without a book! With our donors' support, we're filling our classrooms with critical textbooks and other learning tools such as maps and models.