Drumroll Please! Girls Project Expands Into 5 New Villages

We are so, so excited here at Mali Rising! Why? We are preparing to launch the very successful Girls Project in five additional schools this fall!

Thank You a Thousand Times...

April's Alumni Month continues this week with a feature on Bouacar, a graduate of our very first school. A graduate of Mali Rising’s Trujillo Family Middle School in the small village of N’Tentou, Bouacar is ready to literally help build Mali.

Maintenance Is Anything But Mundane

All too often when I talk with someone about our work in Mali, they share frustrations with a project they were involved with in some far-flung country where all the good intentions fell into disarray. A well's pump broke. A classroom crumbled. A health clinic never received any staff. Let's be honest -- it happens. That's why Mali Rising's long-term relationship with our 21 partner villages is so important...

Looking Back & Looking Forward at Our Oldest School

Welcome to the village of N’Tentou, where Jackie Trujillo Middle School was opened in 2006. This school was Mali Rising Foundation’s very first school, so its construction was ground-breaking – both literally and figuratively.  This summer we've been doing some improvements at the school, and looking back at the history of the school and the village.