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The Kids You'll Help in N'Goko

Our supporters are always excited about building a new school — there’s something, well, concrete, about making a donation and seeing a building rise from the red soil of Mali. But what is really exciting about a new school is not the bricks and mortar, but the hundreds — and even thousands — of kids that school will serve. We are currently fundraising for a middle school for the children of N’Goko, so I wanted to share short stories from just a few of the great kids your donation will help.

What a Mali Rising Education Means Nearly A Decade Later

As we all know, it can take a long time for the investment of education to show the real-life kind of returns it promises. Because of this, we try to follow up with Mali Rising alumni whenever possible to find out how they use their education and how they view education’s role in their lives. Today, I would like to share the thoughts of one of our alumnus who graduated a full nine years ago — Bakari. Thanks to Mali Rising’s supporters, Bakari has a great trade — electrician — and dreams of passing on the gift of education to kids in his home village…

My Name is Siraba

My name is Siraba. I am in grade 9 at Beneko's Cliff and Nita Bailey Middle School….When I started middle school two years ago it was also the beginning of the Girls Project. Thanks to the different activities of the Girl Project, such as monthly meetings on different themes, the menstrual cycle, the meeting with women of different skills (women nurses, engineers), the women's football competition, advice and talks, etc., I started to set goals. Little by little, I started to love school.

Meet Just a Few of Our Great Students

The very best part of my job? Meeting our students. The second best? Receiving student interviews and photos from our hard-working Mali staff, Alou and Hindaty. Reading the students' stories always makes me feel good about our work, but also just plain better about the state of our world. You can feel good too! Take a little break, meet these three young Malians, and be cheered about our global prospects for the future...

School Snap 16/17: Eagle Environmental Academy

Eagle Environmental Academy is located in the small village of Lofine, in the far southeastern corner of Mali. Visiting this pretty village requires a long, bumpy, dusty drive through the pretty country of the Sikasso region…but it is worth the drive. Come along with us on a visit or two.

Meet 2 Students from Sebela, Home to Our Next School

Some of you may have heard that we are fundraising for our 21st school in the small, tidy village of Sebela in southern Mali. While I was in Mali in December, I visited Sebela and met many parents and children. I got to spend the most time with two great kids -- Lassine and Kadia -- so I'm featuring those two here today.

Two Stories to Make You Feel Hopeful

When I first started working with Mali Rising, it was months before I could get to Mali to visit our students and our schools. This was a form of torture. Luckily for me, we started the Student Spotlight feature and it gave me a taste of the great kids I now am beginning to know so well. Here are two such stories to lift your spirits just as they lift mine.