Eagle Environmental Academy

When our teachers are united for the same cause.....

We saw a great example of how our hard-working teachers come together to help each other do the best job they can when teachers from four Mali Rising schools joined forces at a Mali Rising Teacher Peer Meeting in the remote Sikasso region.

Meet Just a Few of Our Great Students

The very best part of my job? Meeting our students. The second best? Receiving student interviews and photos from our hard-working Mali staff, Alou and Hindaty. Reading the students' stories always makes me feel good about our work, but also just plain better about the state of our world. You can feel good too! Take a little break, meet these three young Malians, and be cheered about our global prospects for the future...

School Snap 16/17: Eagle Environmental Academy

Eagle Environmental Academy is located in the small village of Lofine, in the far southeastern corner of Mali. Visiting this pretty village requires a long, bumpy, dusty drive through the pretty country of the Sikasso region…but it is worth the drive. Come along with us on a visit or two.

What's In a Name?

It’s halfway through my Malian trip and I found myself in the rural village of Lofine. Mali Rising’s team is tucked away under the shade of a huge gnarled tree for the opening of a new school. The ceremony is chaotic, but beautiful. There were traditional dances intertwined through speeches of the village dignitaries as well as the board members of Mali Rising.I slowly lost interest during the painstaking translations from English to Bambara and reverted to studying the faces of those in the large crowd circled around us.