Inspiration Scholars represent some of the most outstanding graduates of Mali Rising's schools. Our generous donors provide scholarships that allow these graduates to go on to high school or to a vocational program. Either track sets these students on the path to a better life, and to a career that gives back to their country.


The Latest on Inspiration Scholars

Vocational students are pursuing degrees in nursing, midwifery, agriculture, and more. High school students dream of going on to be teachers, doctors, and government leaders. In this section, explore the stories of just a few of our first group of Inspiration Scholars from the 16/17 school year. You may also want to explore our video story board page featuring Inspiration Scholars.

We continued the Inspiration Scholar program for the 17/18 school year. Thanks to our generous donors, we have new nursing students, high school students, secretarial students, and agricultural students studying hard throughout Mali.

Want to support an Inspiration Scholar? Give to the Inspiration Scholar Fund! This is a chance to directly change an indivdual's life and provide the skilled workers and leaders Mali needs to thrive.