Yassa is among a group of students receiving Mali Rising's first round of Inspiration Scholarships this year. Yassa really, truly needed your help -- and you really, truly helped.

Yassa has come so far, despite so many obstacles. Yassa did that with her own strength, with the strength of her community, and the strength of the Mali Rising community.

When Yassa was very young her parents divorced. Her mother disappeared, never to be heard from again. For two years her father tried to stay with Yassa, but drugs took over his life and he was found dead under a bridge in Ouelessebougou.

Still just a child, Yassa was incredibly lucky that her neighbors took her in. They enrolled her in school and took care of Yassa. With their help, Yassa recovered from the shock of losing her parents to become a good student and a motivated young woman.

Yassa told us she dreamed of becoming a nurse, so we selected her as a nursing assistant Inspiration Scholar. With your support, Yassa will build a solid life for herself -- an amazing feat for someone who has faced so much so young!

When told of her scholarship, Yassa was very excited. She said, "When I was told that I can do a health school, I was very happy because it is a job that will allow me to help others, pregnant women, and all the community. I thank a lot the donors."

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