Mariam is among a group of students receiving Mali Rising Foundation's first round of Inspiration Scholarships. 

Mariam is a 15 year-old graduate of Mali Rising's Leon W. Pete Harman Middle School. Out of 118 students in her graduating class, Mariam was the top-ranked student.

Her principal nominated Mariam for the scholarship, saying she is an "assiduous student, courageous and polite." He added that he was sure she could succeed in her studies.

Mariam attributes her success in school to her parents. She says she is grateful for "...the support of my parents whom have looked for good teachers and supported remedial courses for me."

With your support, Mariam has a scholarship for a 3-year nursing program in Ouelessebougou. She says, "With the help of our partners from Utah, I will do studies in health to become a midwife. I can help pregnant women and the community."

Mariam will have a good career and a good income, while the people of Mali will have better health care...all because people like you helped.

And Mariam is just the kind of inspiring student we want to support in the Inspiration program because she already plans to help other girls succeed. She says, "I will tell to the other girls to get the DEF [graduate from school] and to continue to study in health. I thank [the] donors for their constant support."

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