Djanaby is among a group of students receiving Mali Rising's first round of Inspiration Scholarships this year. Because of your support, Djanaby is heading off to high school. 

Djanaby is a 16-year-old young man from the small village of Banankoro. Every school day for the last three years, Djanaby walked nearly 6 miles each way to Mali Rising’s Cliff and Nita Bailey Middle School in Beneko, Mali. It was too far to go home for lunch, so Djanaby spent all day – 8am to 5pm – at school.

Basically a half marathon of a commute each day. That shows some dedication, right?

We thought so too. And even with his long commute, Djanaby had good scores in middle school and very high conduct marks. In fact, his principal nominated Djanaby for the Inspiration Scholarship, noting that Djanaby was “A polite student who loves his studies.”

Our scholarship will allow Djanaby to attend high school in the “big” town of Ouelessebougou. Although the government will pay his school fees, we’ll cover costs associated with books, clothes, housing and food that would have otherwise barred Djanaby from attending high school.

Djanaby is a great example of an Inspiration Scholar. He wants to use his education to become a teacher – something Mali desperately needs. When told of his scholarship Djanaby instinctively understood the goal of inspiring students in Mali to dream big through education. He said, “I am very glad of the support of our donors. [Seeing my progress will] encourage others to pass the DEF [graduate middle school] and to continue to study. Thanks again to the donors!”

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