Join the Builders' Society

Members of the Builders' Society are dedicated to increasing access to education for the children of Mali. This group of passionate supporters joins together to build schools in remote villages, where children previously faced a one-way trip of 3 to 5 miles -- or more -- to get to school each day. As a practical matter, this barred most children from attending school. Builders' Society members give $1,000 or more annually, and their funds are pooled to build a new school that helps 175 children change their lives for the better each and every year. Builders' Society members can give an annual gift, or spread their giving out over the year with a monthly gift. Join us!

Want to sponsor a piece of our current school project in the village of N’Goko? Review your options here!


Join a community of people building a better world with your annual donation of $1,000 or more. Or consider a monthly donation of $84 if you'd like to spread your pledge out over the year. Either way, you'll be changing lives forever through the power of education! 


Why give through the builders' society?



You'll be part of the journey of construction in each village -- learning about the kids and school as we go.



Your regular support reduces fundraising costs and directs the dollars where they are needed -- to the classroom.



Building a school provides real, tangible results in the field -- you can see & even visit the results of your gift.



Your gift is pooled with other generous members to provide the greatest gift of all: an education.

What does your builders' society gift provide?



Each school includes three classrooms, 6 latrines, a director's office, desks, and more.


Your gift supports a proven model -- we've built 21 schools and we're on a roll!

Your support also underwrites oversight of construction and budgets along with follow up training of villagers for maintenance, so we can be sure your gifts are having the largest possible impact and being used well.

When you become a member of the builders' society, you'll receive...

  • Special updates on village selection and school construction.

  • Stories, photos, and videos from the students and schools you've supported.

  • An annual special surprise gift from Mali.

  • A year-end report card on all of our schools.

  • The opportunity (not required, but fun!) to connect with your school's students through easy volunteer projects.

  • Invitations to join us at the grand ceremenoial opening of Builders' Society schools.