Explore Your World by Becoming a Villager

Do you have a bad case of wanderlust, but also a busy schedule that allows almost no time for travel, and no money to spend on long flights to foreign lands? Oh, how the cold truth hurts. 

Yep, we’ve been there before. The good news is you can still explore a West African culture from the comfort of your own home. All for the fraction of the cost of a real trip! 
Donate $7/month and you’ll get an insider’s look at small village life in Mali. And your donation will provide a child with the books, trained teachers, and more they need to thrive. You’ll virtually travel to the village of Zambougou through our lens (literally), with the photos, videos, stories and more sent right to your inbox. You’ll also receive a small Malian gift, so you’ll always have a little piece of Mali. We’ll keep you in the loop throughout the year so you can see your donation in action, and how it’s helping children in Zambougou. 
What are you waiting for? Book your virtual ticket now! 

Why become a villager?



You'll be connected to students all year long as they learn and grow. You'll see your donations in action in real time.



Your regular support reduces fundraising costs and directs the dollars where they are needed -- to the classroom.



You'll learn more about the people and culture of Mali and explore what it is like to grow up in a tiny African village.



Your gift is pooled with other generous members to provide the greatest gift of all: an education.

What does your Villager gift provide?



Too many schools in Mali have no textbooks at all --  your gift will change that by providing textbooks, maps, and other tools.



Your gift will underwrite scholarships to high school or vocational training for the village's most outstanding graduates.



A school is just a building without talented, trained teachers. Your donation will help teachers help our kids.


Every school is unique and has different needs. Your Village Person gift supports special projects from sports fields to water wells to science tools.

Your support also underwrites monitoring and evaluation in the village, so we can be sure your gifts are having the largest possible impact and being used well.

When you become villager, you'll receive...

  • Quarterly updates from your village school.
  • Stories, photos, and videos from the students and schools you've supported.
  • An annual special surprise gift from Mali.
  • A year-end report card on your school.
  • The opportunity (not required, but fun!) to connect with your school's students through easy volunteer projects.