If The Way To Your Heart Is Through Your Stomach...

By Merritt Frey, Executive Director

If the way to your heart is through your stomach, you will soon be in love with Mali Rising. Or at least you will be if you get your tickets to the 2017 Soiree

I'm just back from an amazing taste testing with the great folks at LUX Catering & Events. LUX is a Sponsor of our upcoming Soiree celebration, and they have pulled out all the stops on a menu you're going to love.

Before I get to the food, let me tell you just a little about LUX. This Salt Lake-area company is known for its fabulous full-on events -- not just caterers, they put together entire event experiences from cocktails to floral arrangements to styling. They are also socially conscious, donating to causes like ours, recycling/composting 94% of their waste, serving "happy" meat, and sourcing up to 70% of their ingredients locally or regionally. But they are fundamentally also an incredible catering service, winning Best of State for the Best Caterer in Utah this year.

And I see why. I challenged LUX to create a Mali-menu and their chef Don Sanchez more than rose to the challenge. His menu includes:

  • Salade a la Tomates et au Concombre: This was wonderfully fresh and light, and a great balance to the rich flavors to come.
  • Plantain Chips: Before the tasting, I thought "meh." Now, I wish I had that big bowl right here on my desk. Crisp, salty, sweet delight.
  • Mali Peanut Stew:  I can tell you that for once the vegetarians won't feel short changed! Rich, full of vegetables, and pretty much spot on for some of the best peanut stew I've had in Mali itself.
  • Poulet Yassa: The star as far as I'm concerned! Sustainably-source chicken breast beautifully presented with softened red onions and cabbage that just melts when you cut it. Like the real thing in Mali, but the fancied-up, rich city aunt version!
  • Groundnut Spiced Beef Satay Skewers: I must admit I did not taste these because I am not a beef eater (a long story involved a 4-H calf named Buddy), but if the skewers are half as good as they looked, the beef eaters will be very happy indeed.
  • Desserts: I'm going to leave these as a surprise for those of you inspired to attend the Soiree, but suffice it to say that the chef came up with three delightful options that are beautiful, different, and -- of course -- delicious.

We send out a huge thank you to LUX Catering and Events for being a Soiree Sponsor and for going above and beyond the call of duty with a menu challenge.

Don't miss out on this great chance at a truly different dinner experience, get your tickets to the 2017 Soiree.  At just $50 each, they're a steal!