Wondering what to give the amazing woman in your life?

By Merritt Frey, Executive Director


If you're like me, you know you're lucky to have your amazing mother, daughter, best friend, or wife. But every year you struggle to find a gift that reflects how much you admire her strength, her grit, her kindness. What gift could possibly measure up?

This year, why not give her a gift that really reflects who she is – a powerful force for good in the world. Give her a chance to help young women in Mali grow into smart, powerful, compassionate women just like her…give her a 50 Women membership.

50 Women is a special project of Mali Rising. Fifty amazing women are coming together to help 200 girls in our remote schools learn, grow, and thrive through wildly successful our Girls Project.

By gifting a 50 Women membership with your $100 donation, you're launching someone on a year-long journey. We'll send them a beautiful e-card or card to notify them of your gift. Then throughout the year we'll connect them with the girls they are supporting with photos, videos, stories, and even a video link discussion with our fabulous Girls Project Coordinator, Hindaty.

So make your holiday gift for the women you love mean more than any bath soap or knick-knack ever could...give them a 50 Women membership to let them know how much you admire them. Take action today -- give a 50 Women membership to the amazing women in your life!

Learn more about the Girls Project here.