Do Something Good With Your Summer -- Intern With Us!

By Merritt Frey, Executive Director


Are you a college student who wants to do something good in the world? Or do you know a student with a passion for changing the world? Connect with our intern program!

We're currently looking for U.S. interns for Summer semester 2018. This internships will start in May or June and run until August. We have some flexibility to work with interns' schedules to fit your summer needs.

We strive to make our internships useful for the student and for the Mali Rising -- no boring busy-work here. Our interns take on real, important projects and apply their skills in ways that matter. Interns leave with specific projects and experience they can add to their portfolio for future employment searches. Plus, we like to think we have some fun along the way.

All U.S. internships are based out of our Salt Lake City, Utah offices. Local candidates are preferred, but special arrangements may be possible for outstanding candidates from elsewhere in the United States. Applications are due April 1, 2018. Read the descriptions for details.

  • Communications Intern (Get lots of experience with writing, event planning, social media, and more! You'll leave able to claim real-world social media and volunteer management experience on your resume, and leave with a small portfolio of writing products.)
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Intern (Gather skills in data collection/analysis, project coordination, written and verbal abilities, and more. You'll prove yourself in the areas of attention to detail, critical thinking, data analysis, and more.)