An Egg & Spoon Race in Mali? Sure Thing!

By Merritt Frey, Executive Director

Just like here in the U.S., students are out of school for the summer in Mali. At the end of each school year but before the students scatter, we hold a celebration in each of our three Girls Project pilot villages. The celebration is designed to highlight how much the girls' have achieved during the year, to engage parents and village elders in the project, and to allow everyone to provide us with feedback on the project.

But the celebrations are also just plain fun. I'm sharing some pictures here from the party (we call the parties Feast for Feedback) in Kolimba, a tiny village a few hours of dusty, bouncy dirt road from the nearest pavement. 

Our Girls Project Coordinator, Hindaty, organized a day of fun with contests for girls and boys (the old sack race! egg and spoon race!), a skit from our girls about the importance of education, music from the girls, dancing from everyone, and a speech from a Mali Rising female graduate who is now off in university. Thanks to our Field Coordinator Alou, the party also include a skit about girls' education from the village boys -- a new addition to the party!

Of course, like any good party the food was the real star. Mothers cooked up an amazing meal shared by all in the school yard.

I wish I could have been there to celebrate our strong and smart girls, and I wish I could have taken all of our great supporters along. For now, a photo journey will have to do.