Help Build a School for N'Goko's Kids!

by Merritt Frey, Executive Director

IMG_3815 (2).JPG

One of the most exciting things we do at Mali Rising is open a new school with a partner village. A close second? Announcing a new partnership with a new village and launching the effort to raise the funds for that school.

It’s just an exciting time. We’ve built a great relationship with the elders and parents of the village, and now we invite Mali Rising’s supporter to join in the relationship. It feels like something we’re all in together — an exciting friendship focused on bringing out the best in all of us.

So, come along with us! We’ve just announced our newest partner village — N’Goko — and have started raising funds for their new school. N’Goko’s parents have already committed the land and 20% of the construction costs, so now it is time for us to do our part and raise the rest of the funds.

The children of N’Goko really need this school. Currently, once the children finish 6th grade they face a 6-mile walk one way to the nearest middle school. This is just too far and many children end up dropping out. We can change that!

Learn more about N’Goko and get involved with helping build the school. Any size gift helps — $4 adds a brick to the school wall or $10,000 builds an entire classroom…together we can make it happen. As an added bit of fun, each gift of $100 gives you a chance at naming rights for the new school!

Come along on this journey with us and the parents and children of N’Goko — you won’t regret it!