A New School for Karim

By Merritt Frey, Executive Director

Building a new school in Mali is one of the most exciting things we do. In partnership with village parents and with donors around the world, we know that a new school means new futures for hundreds of young people in rural Mali.

But sometimes knowing one young person’s story is more powerful than imagining hundreds of children. So let us introduce Karim, who stands to benefit from your support of our next school to be built in the little village of N’Goko. Currently, young people in N’Goko face a 6-mile walk each way to the nearest middle school, so many drop out. You can meet other future students here. You can also help build a school for these great kids.


“My name is Karim. I am doing the 8th grade in Misseni, a village located at 10 km from my home in N’Goko. Two years ago I went left home for school. I did not have difficulty first, but what bothers me is the homesickness for my parents. I have stayed in school thought, and among the subjects that I like very much that we study is civic education and English.

After my studies, I would like to be a doctor of general medicine to prevent my parents from suffering when they get sick. My parents are farmers. Cultivating is on one hand good and on the other bad because it does not always provide enough to live. One can live with the trades, but the one who has no trade, cultivates. When I have the great means, I would build a school, a health center with many other things that can relieve the people of my village. There is a problem of water, classroom and electricity in our village.

Among those of us who study remotely, some have abandoned because of the difficulties. When a second cycle [middle school] is built with us, we will have no more difficulty in the studies and there will be little school drop out. We will study at ease, everyone will be sure that he will take at least the DEF [graduation exam].

When I play football, I'm happy because I know how to play and I play with my friends. My friends are called Madou Bakay, Banbo, Alassane, Mohamed. I thank those who will build us these classrooms.”

Help build Karim — and all the kids of N’Goko — a school!