Welcome to New Board Member, Anh

By Merritt Frey, Executive Director


Please help us welcome Anh Hoang to Mali Rising’s board of directors! Anh actually joined us at the beginning of 2019, but we’ve been remiss in sharing the news. Anh brings wonderful financial expertise to the board, and has already proved herself invaluable to watch-dogging our financial systems and future plans. Anh did a great analysis of our financial trends that provoked a lot of great board discussion, and will be helping to make sure we plan responsibly for our future.

I asked Anh a few questions to help us all get to know her better. Read on for Anh’s answers…

What inspired you to join Mali Rising’s board?

I always had an interest in education and improving children's lives. I really like Mali Rising Foundation's objective to increase education quality in Mali and want to get involved.


What is something surprising or interesting you’ve learned about our work since you’ve joined the board?

I have learned a lot about how non-profit organization works and am very impressed with the different angles that board members approach a topic. Mali Rising Foundation has also been doing a great job in meeting the foundation's objective; board members and management are passionate and strive to go beyond the minimum requirement - not only is Mali Rising building schools every year, but Mali Rising is also trying to improve the students' education quality by improving school's quality, teacher trainings, and students' access.

Thanks for joining us Anh! Interested in volunteering for Mali Rising? Check out our Get Involved page.