Construction Complete at New School!

By Merritt Frey, Executive Director

Thanks to Mali Rising's generous supporters, the kids of the tiny village of Sebela in southern Mali now have a middle school. Construction is complete (see photos below) and all that remains is to fill the classrooms with student desks...and then students in October!

Sebela's parents and leaders took a rare and impressive step when they decided to build their own middle school. They were able to fund and coordinate nearly half of the school's construction before running out of resources. In Mali Rising's 12 years of working with Mali villages, this is a unique example of extraordinary investment grounded in the way the parents of Sebela value education for their children

We partnered with the village and notebook manufacturer Denik to find a way to finish the school for the children of Sebela. Denik donated half of the necessary funds, and people like you donated the rest!

All that remains to fund is a set of desks for our students. Can you help before our deadline of September 1st? Just $30 provides one student with a desk, and if you can donate $100 or more you will be entered to win naming rights for the school. Right now, your odds are GREAT at 1 in 25! (Each increment of $100 donated = 1 entry in drawing.)