Celebrating A New School & A New Future

On November 14, we did one of the most amazing and most overwhelming things you can do -- we officially opened a new Mali Rising school.  The celebratory opening in the tiny village of Sebela was simply incredible, with hundreds of excited children, wonderful dancers, dozens of dignitaries, and much more.

The Winner In Our Name the School Contest Is ...

And we have a winner! As part of fundraising for our 21st school in the small village of Sebela, we promised that everyone who donated $100 or more would be entered to win naming rights for the school. We’re happy to announce the winner is...

Because of You, Sebela is This [] Close to a New School

Parents in the tiny village of Sebela in Mali, West Africa took a rare and impressive step when they decided to build their own middle school. The village parents were able to fund and coordinate nearly half of the school's construction before running out of resources. We've raised another 35% of the funds....and now we need  your help to make the school a reality!