Tired Of The Same Old Galas? Come to the Soiree!

By Merritt Frey, Executive Director


If you're like me, you get invited to a lot of nonprofit "galas" and you've reached the point of finding it hard to rally for them, however good the cause. In case you're in that place, let me tell you why the October 12 Soiree will be a different kettle of fish altogether -- a fun kettle of fish...if that's possible.

First, we aren't cutting in to your weekend -- give us just a few hours on Thursday night and you can feel like you've done your part while still staying in your pajamas all weekend. Not that I would ever do that.

But then there's the evening itself. No rubbery chicken or long speeches -- I promise. Here's what you'll get in just a few hours:

  • A unique and entirely delicious meal. Seriously, you've never had a menu like this at any fancy-pants gala you've attended. Read more about the fabulous menu our Gold Sponsor LUX Catering and Events has created.
  • Exposure to the amazing music of Mali, from a group of three talented drummers who will set the rhythm for our evening together.
  • Expansion for your brain! This year's cultural station will let you learn a little of one on Mali's most common native languages -- Bambara -- from native speakers. 
  • A chance to write a personal note of encouragement to one of our students. Volunteers will help you craft a note to a student at our school in the tiny, remote village of Fadiobougou. We'll hand-deliver your notes to students and give them a real pick-me-up just as school starts!
  • The opportunity to sponsor a girls' school fees for an entire year for just $5. Each girl you sponsor will give you a chance to win one of several fabulous prizes.
  • The chance to invest directly in our students through the Auction for Action. Rather than sending you home with random knick-knacks you don't really need or want, we give you the chance to "bid" in support of critical work with our schools -- underwrite textbooks, support a teacher, sponsor a scholarship student, and more.

And of course there will be so much more, including the simple pleasure of the company of great people investing in a great cause.

Tickets are just $50, and we have just about 20 seats remaining available. Don't miss out -- get your tickets today!