Your Donations in Action: Textbooks for All!

By Merritt Frey, Executive Director


Back in September, our generous supporters at the 2018 Soiree sponsored 1,000 textbooks for delivery at Mali Rising schools. A textbook might seem like a small thing to those of us in the United States or Europe, but in Mali classrooms a textbook is a gem.

Many schools in Mali have no textbooks at all. Zero. The only learning tool in the classroom? The chalkboard. Even where textbooks do exist, three, four, or more students are often forced to share a book.

With your help, we’re changing that at Mali Rising’s schools. On our recent trip, we delivered textbooks to happy students (and happy teachers) and we wanted to share a peek into just how valued your gifts of textbooks are in Mali. Check out this short clip:

Inspired? Consider donating to buy more books. Simply make your gift and select “Book Fund” from the menu. $10 buys one book that will last seven to ten years and serve scores of children!