Food & Fun With the Girls Project

By Hindaty Traore, Girls Project Coordinator

As part of keeping girls in school, Mali Rising’s Girls Project initiated a new activity that will allow girls to have not only theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge.

This month, our session with the girls focused on "good nutrition.” The purpose of this activity is to teach girls the different nutritious foods, the composition of a balanced breakfast, the importance of breakfast especially for teenagers, how to eat well. The aim is to give girls the love of school through the preparation of new dishes with local products. Our dish of the day was bean dumplings and vegetable salads.

After the practical sessions, we organized games related to the acquired knowledge, to evaluate how the good nutrition is mastered. For this game, we shared the class into four groups, two groups against the two groups are facing each other in order to know which group to eat more energy food compared to others.

Thanks to this teaching and to the principles that they have drawn from it, they will be able to render services in their future family, and to improve by experience and practice the knowledge acquired. It was funny and formative.

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