Teachers Helping Teachers Teach

By Francois Cissoko, Teacher Project Coordinator

At Mali Rising Foundation we know that building schools is amazing, but not sufficient when it comes to ensuring real learning for our students. Providing good training to our teachers is one of the most valuable things we can do to keep kids learning. If our kids are learning, their education can shape and change not only their lives, but also their whole village and eventually Mali.

One of the ways Mali Rising Foundation helps our teacher is to host teacher peer meetings. Education experts tell us these meetings are unique in the whole country and makes our village schools different from the others. Each teacher peer meeting gathers at least eight teachers from four different Mali Rising schools. Teachers present short lessons through which they discuss different issues they face. Their peers and two education experts provide advice and guidance to help them improve.

This fall Mali Rising hosted two teacher peer meetings in two different Centers of Pedagogical Animation (CAP). The first one was held in the CAP of Banguineda in October 28th gathering French, history, geography and English teachers and the second one in the CAP of Ouelessebougou on December 8th with math, physics, and biology teachers.

At the Ouelessebougou teacher peer meeting last week, teachers from the middle schools of Tentoubougou, Mana, Sequessona, and Zambougou spent the whole day discussing their issues through presenting short math, physics and biology short lessons. At the end of the day, smiles and satisfaction could be read on the teachers’ faces, because they were enlightened and made confident in the teaching and animation techniques.

The teachers said they wish they could have a peer meeting once a month, because these kind of meeting is very instructive! Learn more about the Teacher Project.