Keeping Our Schools Safe & Secure for Students

Mali Rising Foundation is committed to maintaining a good learning environment for all students attending our schools. Sometimes this commitment translates into hard and dirty maintenance work, in partnership with villages. Our older schools were built with mud bricks, and these structures can develop cracks. We’ve also found bats love to make their home between ceilings of the classrooms and the roof. What to do?…

Another way to relax during Christmas holidays!

Thanks to our donors, since 2015 we have organized training for the teachers in all of our middle schools. In December 2018, the capital of Banimonotié, Bougouni, witnessed this theater, which was a chance for our teachers to refresh their knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching. Animated by a gift of perpetual quest for knowledge, 41 Mali Rising teachers left their families and leisure time to come and acquire the needed tools to improve the futures of their students.

Photo Update from 2018 Teacher Training

Last week, more than 40 Mali Rising teachers came together for 5 days of training and sharing ideas. This is all thanks to our generous supporters, who understand that a school is only as good as its teachers. Thanks to our donors, each Mali Rising school now has two teachers with more skills to share with their students!

Teachers Helping Teachers Teach

At Mali Rising Foundation, we know that building schools is amazing, but not sufficient when it comes to ensuring real learning for our students. Providing good training to our teachers is one of the most valuable things we can do to keep kids learning. One of the ways Mali Rising Foundation helps our teacher is to host teacher peer meetings. Education experts tell us these meetings are unique in the whole country and makes our village schools different from the others

Investing in Teacher Training Pays a 23% Skill Return!

Thanks to our supporters, each year Mali Rising hosts a week-long training for our teachers. Last school year, we gathered 39 teachers from our 19 middle schools for a training where they learned from experts and grew with their teacher peers. For each training, we evaluate a subset of participating teachers before and after the training. The results are in for our 17/18 school year teacher training!

This Month in the Field: Teacher Peer Meetings

This month we hosted one of our favorite small gatherings -- a teacher peer-to-peer meeting. Mali Rising Foundation invests in our teachers because they are investing in our students. Without good teachers, a school is just a building. Our most recent peer-to-peer meeting included 8 teachers from three of our schools. Learn more about how it went and check out some pictures of our teachers in action...

Helping Teachers Grow, Helps Kids Grow Too

A school isn't worth the bricks it's built with if you don't have good teachers working inside. We believe that, and so do our generous supporters. Thanks to attendees at our annual Soiree, in December 2017 we hosted our third teacher training. Teachers in Mali are often provided with very little education and then sent to remote villages to sink or swim with classrooms that can be filled with 100 + students. With your help, we sent 39 teachers back to the classroom with new skills and new energy to help our kids!

Partnering With Our Teachers To Improve Skills

Over the last several years, we've begun investing in our teachers. Why, you ask? Well, fundamentally teachers are what make a school a school...rather than a pole barn filled with screaming teenagers.  A more nuanced answer though is that we had seen how little training and support were offered to our teachers, and how isolated they were in our small villages. One way we are supporting our teachers is through an annual 5-day professional training. But how do we know if that training is actually helping our teachers and hence our students?

Bringing Teachers Together To Learn Together

Have you ever attended a job training or professional development seminar, only to return to work and find yourself totally buried again? (If you don't say yes, I've got my suspicions about you.) That's very much the case for Mali Rising's dedicated teachers -- although they long for additional training, when the finally receive it they'll come home to a classroom full of as many as 100 teenagers...and that can make sticking to new ideas and practices hard. That's why we're adding something new to to keep the lessons from our annual teacher trainings alive in the classroom...