3 Friday Fun Clips

By Merritt Frey, Executive Director


It's a cold and rainy March day here at Mali Rising's U.S. office. While the daffodils and tree buds of March are pretty cheerful, it can also be a kind of gloomy month...especially for those of you digging out from the east coast's most recent snow storm.

So! For this gloomy Friday let's brighten things up with three fun, colorful videos from Mali. If you squint and lean in to your screen, maybe you'll be able to feel just a little bit of the heat and sun from these Mali scenes...

The kids of Zambougou send a big, loud thank you from Denik Middle School to Mali Rising's supporters.

Dancing and music are always a great part of celebrating a new Mali Rising school's opening. In this video, a bird dancer leads us to the opening ceremony at Tim Gibson Middle School in Sebela, accompanied by drums, dancers, and cheers.

In addition to attending school and studying hard, Mali Rising students are responsible for a wide range of chores at home. In this video, a tiny girl from our partner village of Zambougou demonstrates how to grind corn into flour.