Walk With Me...Miles for Mali

by Merritt Frey, Executive Director

Arrow, my new puppy, is going to absolutley love Miles for Mali.

Arrow, my new puppy, is going to absolutley love Miles for Mali.

Starting one week from today, I've got a lot of ground to cover.


As part of Mali Rising's Miles for Mali walking challenge, I've pledged to walk 160 miles in May. Gulp.

Why? Well, that's the distance our kids walked to and from school each month before we were able to build a school in their village -- averaging about 4 miles each way, each day.

That kind of walking takes time Mali's kids often don't have, meaning they end up dropping out of school. Even if they can make the time, they are often late for school and/or too tired to learn once they are there. That's why your school-building support means so much.

So, I figure I can take the time to walk in their shoes for one month. I'm planning to explore my neighborhood. Tire out my new puppy a little bit. Enjoy watching spring arrive. And spending a little bit of time thinking about the kids working so hard to change their lives for the better in Mali.

Want to join me this May? You can do the full 160 miles, or take the 40 mile challenge.  A modest registration fee ($35) gives you access to an easy fitness app to track your miles. We’ll keep you inspired with stories and updates throughout the month of May and prizes are available for individuals and teams, such as family, church, community, or corporate groups.

Your registration fee and any optional pledges you raise will help build a school for children in the tiny village of Sankama, Mali. You can change lives forever just be getting yourself off the couch…and one of the lives you improve will be your own!