Our Youth Ambassadors Speak for Themselves!

by Merritt Frey, Executive Director

One of the newest projects at Mali Rising is our Youth Ambassador Project. This effort was launched after a suggestion from a high school student — Roshini — in the United States, who wanted to do more to help the students of Mali. With Roshini’s help, we’ve recruited a band of amazing high school students from around the country with the energy and creativity to change the world. The Ambassadors have already educated the public, raised funds, and created amazing flashcards for our Mali students.

Learn more about the Youth Ambassadors Project and how you can be involved.

Check out this video created by one of our Youth Ambassadors — Johanna Ziegler. You can hear directly from the Youth Ambassadors about their passion for volunteering and how being involved impacts their own lives.

We especially love Johanna’s last line on this video — “you don’t have to wait to change the world.” We’re so glad these young people aren’t waiting, because they are already making a huge difference!