Meet 2 Students from Sebela, Home to Our Next School

By Merritt Frey, Executive Director

Some of you may have heard that we are fundraising for our 21st school in the small, tidy village of Sebela in southern Mali. The parents in this village did the impossible -- despite deep poverty they were able to build half of a middle school for their children. With help from Denik and our members, we are finishing the school for Sebela.

But enough about the school, let's talk about the kids! That's why we are all here, right? While I was in Mali in December, I visited Sebela and met many parents and children. I got to spend the most time with two great kids -- Lassine and Kadia -- so I'm featuring those two here today.

Lassine was just like any fourteen-year-old boy: alternating between huge confidence and utter shyness, between big smiles and studious frowns. I talked with him about his family, his walk to school, and his plans for his future. And Lassine made me a promise I'm going to have to check up on next time we're in Sebela -- he swears he'll be first in his class by the time I return! Read more about Lassine here.

Kadia was quietly impressive in a way I certainly was NOT as a fifteen-year-old student. I learned that this almost-grave focus had made her the top student in her 8th grade class, and that she dreamed of becoming a midwife to help the women of Sebela in the future. But don't worry, Kadia does have some fun because she admitted to being a "very, very good" soccer player. Read more about Kadia here.

These are just two of the great kids of Sebela. You can help Kadia and Lassine improve their lives and all of Mali by helping us build them a middle school. Any size gift helps, and if you can give $100 or more you will be entered in a contest to name the school!