Bringing Teachers Together To Learn Together

Have you ever attended a job training or professional development seminar, only to return to work and find yourself totally buried again? (If you don't say yes, I've got my suspicions about you.) That's very much the case for Mali Rising's dedicated teachers -- although they long for additional training, when the finally receive it they'll come home to a classroom full of as many as 100 teenagers...and that can make sticking to new ideas and practices hard. That's why we're adding something new to to keep the lessons from our annual teacher trainings alive in the classroom...

Meet 2 Students from Sebela, Home to Our Next School

Some of you may have heard that we are fundraising for our 21st school in the small, tidy village of Sebela in southern Mali. While I was in Mali in December, I visited Sebela and met many parents and children. I got to spend the most time with two great kids -- Lassine and Kadia -- so I'm featuring those two here today.