Because of You, Sebela is This [] Close to a New School

by Merritt Frey, Executive Director

Parents in the tiny village of Sebela in Mali, West Africa took a rare and impressive step when they decided to build their own middle school. The village parents were able to fund and coordinate nearly half of the school's construction before running out of resources.

In Mali Rising's 12 years of working with Mali villages, this is the only time we’ve seen a village so passionate about education that they raised this much funding despite their own deep poverty! I met with the parents and children of Sebela back in December, and their commitment and integrity just shone through -- they want their kids to learn.

So we've partnered with the village to finish the school and for as little as $12 (that's 4 bricks in the classroom walls!) YOU can help finish the job they started.

With the parents' work, a generous gift from Denik, and our dedicated donors, we’re now 85% of the way to a fully-funded school. Your gift can make sure the kids of Sebela have a safe school -- any size gift helps with just $8,341 to go. That’s tantalizing close for the children of Sebela, who see education as a chance at an entirely better life.

I know that you want to give because you want to help others. But there’s also something in it for you if you’re inspired to give: anyone who donates $100 (and each additional $100 increment) is entered to win a chance to name the school. You can name the school for yourself, for your mom or dad, for a teacher who changed your life, for your business…the options are endless. And your odds of winning are pretty darn good – we expect fewer than 100 entries.

As yet another perk, we’ve partnered with the notebook manufacturer Denik. They have matched all gifts, and for any gift over $30 you’ll receive a beautiful Denik notebook.

Your gift will change more than 100 children’s lives for the better each year. By nearly every measure, Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world. The parents of Sebela see a path to changing the future for their kids -- education. Can you help?