Aminata's School Success Means a Better Future for Her Baby Boy

By Merritt Frey, Executive Director

Aminata and her bouncing baby boy, Soumailia.

Aminata and her bouncing baby boy, Soumailia.

Success stories really do come in all shapes and sizes. 

In her monthly report for May, Girls Project Coordinator Hindaty shared a story that illustrates the personal, concrete benefits of the Girls Project this year for one young woman. Hindaty wrote:

“Aminata is a young girl from Kolimba who is part of our Girls Project. At the age of 16, she is already married and just had a beautiful baby. Despite becoming pregnant just before this school year, she continued to go to school and will take the DEF graduation exam soon. Aminata says it is because of our advice and support that she was able to stay in school. She and her family thank us very much for the Girls Project.” 

Because of our Girls Project and Hindaty's hard work, Aminata was able to stay in our Nieta Kalanso Middle School while pregnant, and this week with her young son in tow she'll take the graduation exam. (By the way, Aminata's baby is a healthy boy named Soumailia and he was born on May 23, 2017.)

This means a better future for Aminata and also a better future for her son. Studies show that because of Aminata's secondary education, her son will be more likely to survive infancy, more likely to be vaccinated, more likely to attend school, and likely to stay in school longer than the child of a less educated mother.

We celebrate Aminata's perseverance, her new son, and the brighter future they both share because supporters like you cared!