Mothers' Loan Fund Means Sustainable Girls' Education

Mali Rising Foundation is trying something new to make sure our Girls Project is sustainable — micro-finance loans through our Mothers’ Loan Fund. With this new micro-finance project, more than 30 mothers in our three pilot villages will benefit from credit to finance their small businesses.

Checking In On Our Girls In Mali

When I talk with anyone about our work, the project that people most connect with is our Girls Project. Men and women, people from the U.S. or people from Mali,  younger or older -- everyone gets excited about making sure girls get an equal education. So I try to be sure to do a periodic update on our girls progress under the Girls Project. I know  you're rooting for our girls, so here's the latest news from our Girls Project Coordinator, Hindaty.

Utah Girl Scouts Supporting Mali's Girl Students

Back in April, I had the pleasure of meeting with a great Girl Scout troop here in Salt Lake City. We talked about girls' education in Mali -- the challenges and the benefits. The Scouts wrote letters of encouragement to girl students participating in Mali Rising's Girls Project in the tiny village of Kolimba. The basic goal? To simply let our girls know that as they struggled to get to school each day, someone far away was rooting for them.  I think the photos  I received from the letter delivery in Kolimba speak to how thoroughly the Girls Scouts achieved their goal! Check them out...