First Inspiration Scholar Nursing Assistants Graduate!

By Merritt Frey, Executive Director

We are so proud -- and we hope you're proud too.

Thanks to Mali Rising's donors six of our first batch of Inspiration Scholars have just graduated from their nursing assistant/midwife program. These six nurses are now out in villages, ready to help their communities and Mali be healthier and happier.

The Scholars started the program in October 2016, and spent 6 months in the classroom and 6 months in an intensive internship. After all that, they took a rigorous graduation exam.  We're happy to report that all six Inspiration Scholars passed the exam with flying colors.

With your help, these Inspiration Scholars have already made the world a better place. Don't believe me? Read this short story from one of the recent graduates who delivered 40 -- forty! -- babies during her internship!

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