Looking Back at a Successful Soiree

By Merritt Frey, Executive Director

With all the busy follow up after the Soiree, I’ve been remiss in sharing a wrap up. First, we are so grateful for the wonderful supporters who came out to celebrate with us — thank you! And thank you for giving so generously to help our students start their school year off right!

In addition to enjoying each other and the great food from LUX Catering and Events, attendees were enthusiastic supporters of the Auction for Action. The Auction lets everyone sponsor special needs in our classrooms and beyond. This year Soiree attendees raised their paddles high and:

  • Delivered more than 500 textbooks to our classrooms.

  • Paid the school fees for more than 100 girls.

  • Trained and supported at least 13 of our dedicated teachers.

  • Changed 3 lives through Inspiration Scholarships for additional education.

  • Sponsored 3 girls’ soccer teams.

  • Provided 18 health and hygiene education classes and sponsor 5 year-long student health clubs.

That’s a lot to accomplish in just one night! We look forward to implementing thesegreat activities in our schools, and will keep all you sponsors informed as it happens. Thank you again for all your support.