A Dinner That Makes A Difference

By Merritt Frey, Executive Director

It’s that time of year — Soiree time! This is our big gathering of supporters in Salt Lake City, where we celebrate successes and look forward to a new year of school.

This isn’t your normal stuffy gala. Instead of asking guests to buy trinkets at an auction, we invite everyone to “bid” on truly critical things our students and schools need to succeed. Supporters raise their numbers to support everything from textbooks to teacher training, from hygiene classes to scholarships for our graduates. It is a powerful way for people to know exactly where their gifts go.

Why textbooks? Many schools in Mali have ZERO textbooks. Even where there are books, 3 or more children often share one book. Each textbook you sponsor will help dozens of children over its lifetime.

Why teacher training? Without teachers a school is just a building; without trained teachers, a school is not a place of learning. Your donation will sponsor professional training, peer support meetings, and more for a teacher this year.

Why scholarships? Children deserve to dream big – we want our students to see they can go on to be nurses, teachers, and more. Your support of a scholarship changes the entire future for an outstanding student…and inspires many younger students to work for their chance.

Why health & hygiene? Children have to be healthy and happy to succeed in school. Your gift will provide health training, tools like handwashing stations, and school health groups – all elements designed to help our students help themselves stay healthy.

Here’s what Soiree attendees will have a chance to underwrite tomorrow night:

$50                         Underwrites a school hygiene training & tools

$100                       Provides a set of 10 textbooks

$150                       Supports a school health club for one year

$250                       Sponsors training & support for a teacher

$350                       Sponsors a girls’ soccer team…limited availability!

$500                       Underwrites a year-long scholarship for high school or vocational school

$1,000                   Gives 100 textbooks in one subject for a full school

$2,500                   Sponsors training & support for 10 teachers

If you don’t have your tickets yet, get them now…you won’t want to miss the fun!