Inspiration Scholar Kadia Tackles Nursing School

By Merritt Frey, Executive Director

Nothing improves my day more than receiving a story from Mali about one of our students or alumni. Recently, Hindaty shared the story of one of our 2018 graduates who received an Inspiration Scholarship to pursue nursing. Since her story brightened my day, I thought I’d let it brighten yours too. Read on to learn more about Kadia.

Kadia Sacko boursière de Sebela (5).JPG

Kadia is among a group of students receiving Strong Woman Scholarships, sponsored by a Mali Rising supporter in memory of her sister. This year, five outstanding girls like Kadia will become nurses because a pair of sisters believed in the power of young women.

Kadia is a 17-year-old graduate of Mali Rising’s Tim Gibson Middle School in the little village of Sebela in southern Mali. Kadia stood out at school from the beginning, and has continued to be a great student in nursing school.

Kadia is studying to be a “matron" — akin to what we would call a nursing assistant or midwife. Kadia notes, “There are so many subjects to know, but the most important are: pediatrics, ethics, first aid, and pharmacy. My favorite subject is pediatrics because it is very important for a matron to know all about child birth and taking care of sick children.”

It isn’t all easy though. Kadia notes, “I love all the subjects but the pharmacy is very hard for me because of the scientific words.”

Soon, Kadia will test her classroom learning in the field in a three-month internship in a local community health center. Once she has that practical experience under her belt, Kadia will find work that will help her, but also help her community.

“I want to be a matron and I'm going to look for work with my diploma in places like the community health center, the surgeries, or in the clinics in Baguineda [which is near her home village of Sebela],” says Kadia.

The Strong Woman Scholarship is part of our Inspiration Scholar Project, which helps dozens of Mali Rising graduates continue their education each year. Interested in supporting an Inspiration Scholar? Donate today.