Outtakes From Travels in Mali

Our trips to Mali are packed full of beautiful, excited students. So our photos tend to feature those great kids. Great kids, and loving shots of the Mali Rising school buildings. But we know so of the most interesting things are the little peeks at life in Mali. So, we’re sharing a few of our favorite non-kid, non-school (mostly) photos from the trip here…

Textbooks = A Dancing, Singing, Village-Wide Celebration

Wow. I get excited about a new book, but the village of Beneko REALLY gets excited. I mean – they literally throw a party!  Thanks to the generosity of Mike and Bonnie King and dozens of their friends, last week we delivered more than 1,000 textbooks to our middle school in the remote village of Beneko. See the party Beneko threw to welcome their new textbooks...

Ready For Some Friday Fun? So Are We.

It's Friday afternoon here at Mali Rising's U.S. offices and we're feeling a little slap-happy. So, I thought I'd share a short video from our recent school expedition in Mali. Please feel free to laugh as I try to learn that most basic of skills for a Mali woman -- how to carry water on my head. A three-year-old child can do it. But can I?

Celebrating A New School & A New Future

On November 14, we did one of the most amazing and most overwhelming things you can do -- we officially opened a new Mali Rising school.  The celebratory opening in the tiny village of Sebela was simply incredible, with hundreds of excited children, wonderful dancers, dozens of dignitaries, and much more.

Come to Mali With Us...Via Social Media

For the first several weeks of November, the Mali Rising's U.S. staff will head to Mali to spend time with our Mali staff and students. We'll visit 18 schools, catch up with Inspiration Scholars, visit potential new partner villages, and more. Along the way we'll see some sights and have some fun. We wish you could all come a long for the journey. Luckily, via social media you can actually kind of be there...

You Won't Be Able To Resist The Beat

We are gearing up here for our big Soiree on October 12. It is a chance to hear about the successes you've supported in the last year and what great things are coming in the next year.But this year that isn't all you'll hear! We are excited to have three drummers joining us to share the joy and beauty of West African drumming -- Deja Mitchell, Sekou Soumah, and Hakim Muhammed.

If The Way To Your Heart Is Through Your Stomach...

If the way to your heart is through your stomach, you will soon be in love with Mali Rising. Or at least you will be if you get your tickets to the 2017 Soiree. I'm just back from an amazing taste testing with the great folks at LUX Catering & Events. LUX is a Gold Sponsor of our upcoming Soiree celebration, and they have pulled out all the stops on a menu you're going to love.

6 Fun Facts About Mali for Friday

As the Director of Mali Rising, I get a lot of questions about Mali from curious friends and supporters. So I'm always on the lookout for fun facts about this great country that has become my second home. On this pre-holiday Friday, I thought I'd share six of the facts I most often trot out when asked about Mali (outside of the serious facts about our important work on education!)...