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The Way To Our Hearts? A Recipe From Mali

Note: One of the best parts of getting to know another culture is getting to know its food! Hindaty, our wonderful Girls Project Coordinator, shares her one of her favorite Mali recipes for your consideration. This month, I will share with you the recipes of one of my favorite dishes, called "yassa.” Yassa is a dish from West Africa that is prepared with onion. As in Mali we have large families, I will show you the recipe for yassa for 10 people

6 Fun Facts About Mali for Friday

As the Director of Mali Rising, I get a lot of questions about Mali from curious friends and supporters. So I'm always on the lookout for fun facts about this great country that has become my second home. On this pre-holiday Friday, I thought I'd share six of the facts I most often trot out when asked about Mali (outside of the serious facts about our important work on education!)...