Ready For Some Friday Fun? So Are We.

It's Friday afternoon here at Mali Rising's U.S. offices and we're feeling a little slap-happy. So, I thought I'd share a short video from our recent school expedition in Mali. Please feel free to laugh as I try to learn that most basic of skills for a Mali woman -- how to carry water on my head. A three-year-old child can do it. But can I?

Come to Mali With Us...Via Social Media

For the first several weeks of November, the Mali Rising's U.S. staff will head to Mali to spend time with our Mali staff and students. We'll visit 18 schools, catch up with Inspiration Scholars, visit potential new partner villages, and more. Along the way we'll see some sights and have some fun. We wish you could all come a long for the journey. Luckily, via social media you can actually kind of be there...

Proverbs From Mali...They Travel Well

This weekend I dug through some old files, looking for something I suddenly needed again. I found what I needed, but only after getting very distracted by something else. That something else was a small project an intern last year -- Salifou -- created. Salifou is a student here in the U.S., but he is from Mali. He gathered and shared some Malian proverbs for an event we were planning. I dusted the project off for today's blog because I'm betting you'll find them as much fun as I do.