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Kids Today...Are Pretty Awesome

The older generation tends to worry – or, let’s be honest, complain – about young people’s work ethic, energy, and even empathy. You can think of this as the “Kids today” cliché: “Kids today don’t think of others.” “Kids today don’t take initiative.” Etc., etc. Well Roshini Balan is proving just how cliché that thinking is.

Volunteer-Made Menstrual Kits Make a Difference in Mali

For the second year in a row, the hard work of a group of volunteers here in the U.S. is making a big difference for our girls in Mali. In our remote villages, girls often have no access to materials to manage their periods. This means they stay home from school for a week each month -- just imagine missing 25% of school! Girls fall behind in classes, and sometimes that leads to dropping out altogether. Luckily, there is a lot of work going on these days to find simple solutions for managing periods in places like our villages.

A Girl Scout Gives Back

Here at Mali Rising, we love Girl Scouts. Last year, we partnered with a troop based near our Utah office. We connected that troop with one of our Girls Groups at our school in Kolimba, Mali and the troop sent colorful, thoughtful letters of encouragement to the girls in Mali. At that troop meeting last year, we discussed various barriers to girls' education in Mali. One scout -- Skyler Dey -- took that discussion to heart. She decided to focus on a solution to one of those barriers -- a lack of supplies for managing girls' periods.

Catching Up With Mali Rising's Girls Project

It has been a while since we caught you up with our newest project -- the Girls Project. The wait isn't because of lack of action -- our intrepid Girls Project Coordinator Hindaty has been very busy. Read on for a full update on last quarter's fun...