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Drumroll Please! Girls Project Expands Into 5 New Villages

We are so, so excited here at Mali Rising! Why? We are preparing to launch the very successful Girls Project in five additional schools this fall!

Why Invest in Leadership Training for Girls?

For the last three years, Mali Rising has been working closely with girl students in three pilot villages.  You can't help a girl stay and succeed in school without helping her overcome certain obstacles that prevent her from advancing or succeeding. Leadership training is an opportunity for us to overcome these obstacles.  A leading girl must be able to express herself in public, defend her vision, lead a team, and defeat her shyness.

Our Girls Rock! Evaluating the First Year of Our Girls Project

During the 16/17 school year, we launched our pilot Girls Project in three of our partner villages: Beneko, Simidji, and Kolimba. Our pilot goals are: to improve recruitment of girls to middle school, to retain more girls in school throughout middle school, and to make sure the girls see real results in terms of school success and life skills. We are delighted to share some great news from the Project's first year...