What a Mali Rising Education Means Nearly A Decade Later

As we all know, it can take a long time for the investment of education to show the real-life kind of returns it promises. Because of this, we try to follow up with Mali Rising alumni whenever possible to find out how they use their education and how they view education’s role in their lives. Today, I would like to share the thoughts of one of our alumnus who graduated a full nine years ago — Bakari. Thanks to Mali Rising’s supporters, Bakari has a great trade — electrician — and dreams of passing on the gift of education to kids in his home village…

You've Got One Month

March 31 at midnight. That’s when the door slams shut on our Make the Case for Caring Essay Contest. The contest asks high school students to make a compelling, short argument for why we should invest in educating children in a far-off country like Mali. Essays are arriving in our inbox daily. It is exciting to see the different angles students take to support their case...

Two Stories to Make You Feel Hopeful

When I first started working with Mali Rising, it was months before I could get to Mali to visit our students and our schools. This was a form of torture. Luckily for me, we started the Student Spotlight feature and it gave me a taste of the great kids I now am beginning to know so well. Here are two such stories to lift your spirits just as they lift mine.