Eagle Environmental Academy ninth-grader Adama D. just took the national graduation exam in early June and now he is excited to look to the future.

“After my studies, I would like to be the Minister of Education because it is around him that all decisions for education are taken,” says Adama.  “The basis of a country's development is education, so if someone manages that successfully, you will be a hero.”

Adama’s commitment to education is clear. For three years, he walked the 9 kilometers from his village to Lofine’s Academy each morning….and back home again each evening. The walk was worthwhile for a dedicated student like Adama, who was ranked 7th in his class. He says, “I love history and geography. I have difficulties in math. I am happy when I see note 18 (a very good grade on a scale of 0-20) on my worksheet.”

When asked what he would like to do to make the world a better place, Adama says, “I would create many sources of water for Lofiné because, the village bears the name "water" in Senoufo but there is not enough water. Sometimes there is no water to wash.”

Your support of Mali Rising has set Adama on his way to achieving his dreams of helping his village and Mali. Thank you for helping serious students like Adama!